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Poster for I'm with Joy

I'm with Joy

2015 / 28 minutes / Comedy

Gilbert is a bit of a misfit. He's the odd non-hipster out at his job, his friends are self-absorbed, and his dating life is a string of awkward moments and sexual wreckage. That all turns around instantly when he meets Joy. But as they grow closer Gilbert begins to realize that something is wrong - and there may be more to his new girlfriend than it seems.

Poster for Loss For Words

Loss For Words

2011 / 90 minutes / Comedy

Meet Grady Sullivan: he sucks.

Once hailed as the F. Scott Fitzgerald of the 21st century, Grady's last book flopped, his fiancee dumped him, and he fled New York to hide in the suburbs of middle America, where he spends his days in a drunk stupor in a less-than-epic battle against writer's block.

But in a chance confrontation, Grady meets Elliott Cobb, an aspiring young writer and avid fan. As Grady begrudgingly agree to take Elliot on as his protege, Be The Shoe's new dark comedy will leave you at a loss for words.

Poster for Salad Daze

Salad Daze

2009 / 111 minutes / Comedy

Alex Kaufman just graduated, his girlfriend just dumped him, his grandfather just died, and he’s about to witness the breakdown of his dysfunctional family.

Hailed for its dark humor and raw integrity, Salad Daze is a serious comedy about loss, relationships, and other things that certainly aren’t funny.

Poster for American Gothic

American Gothic

2007 / 90 minutes / Drama

Jessica Bender has been bitter, isolated, obsessed, and trapped in a downward spiral of sex and drug abuse since her ex-boyfriend, Cole, left her six months ago. As her friend Steve grows uncomfortably close to Ian, a chain-smoking drug dealer on the road to recovery, Jessica attempts to reconnect with her former lover.

Be The Shoe’s first feature film, American Gothic is a dark, edgy drama that explores the black heart of teenage suburbia through the eyes of Jessica and her friends.