Be The Shoe

Loss For Words

Meet Grady Sullivan: he sucks.

Once hailed as the F. Scott Fitzgerald of the 21st century, Grady's last book flopped, his fiancee dumped him, and he fled New York to hide in the suburbs of middle America, where he spends his days in a drunk stupor in a less-than-epic battle against writer's block.

But in a chance confrontation, Grady meets Elliott Cobb, an aspiring young writer and avid fan. As Grady begrudgingly agree to take Elliot on as his protege, Be The Shoe's new dark comedy will leave you at a loss for words.



After the premiere of Salad Daze, the Shoe set its sights on what would be its last chance at a feature film for years to come. Summer was out - Randy and Jason were both interning in New York - but "Hypothetically, what would it take to shoot a movie over winter break?"

The answer was a small, highly dedicated cast. A script that could be segmented and shot efficiently. Months of planning and an airtight schedule. We pitched the idea to Gary – he was in. As were Jake and Emily.

Loss For Words was shot in the dead of winter, in weather so cold that even the cameras objected. For 22 days, Jason and Randy would get up early for coffee, review the schedule, meet up with the cast and get to work. For the core team, most days ran 12 hours, and as the final scenes drew near they were losing steam. "It's going to be weird," Gary said. "I'm going to have to start hanging out with people my own age."

After a year in post-production, Loss For Words premiered at the Blue Note in Columbia before making its run through the festival circuit, racking up nominations wherever it went – a testament to what's possible with small budgets, dedicated people, and a focus on storytelling.

Premiered at Blue Note in Columbia

Nominated for Best Actor, Best Comedy at the Action on Film International Film Festival

Nominated for Best Actor, Best Comedy, Best Director at the Underdogs Film Festival

Screened at Parkway Central Theater in St. Louis

Nominated for Best Comedy at the Trail Dance Film Festival


Written and Directed by Randy Prywitch

Executive Producer Jason Goldstein

Produced by Randy Prywitch and Jake Rubin

Associate Producers Emily Bates, Lauren Rubin, and Gary C. Warren

Gary C. Waren as Grady Sullivan

Jake Rubin as Elliot Cobb

Emily Bates as Olivia

David Rosenfeld as Drew

Danny Prywitch as Micah Cobb

Laura Barbiea as Natalie

Seth Koen as Kirk

Daniel Shar as Kenny

Christina Rios as Miriam Applebaum

Lauren Prywitch as Amber

Laura Bates as Becky

Zach Sagett as Blake

Randy Prywitch as Todd Anders

Alon Gilboa, Nicole Silvestri, Jessie Hu, Ryan Alley, Jaime Cooke as Party People

John Frischer as himself

Extras Deanna Burch, Rebecca Davison, David Goldstein, Jason Goldstein, Jacob Goliher, David Kim, Courtney Pott, Kevin Shabel

Director of Photography Randy Prywitch

Edited by Randy Prywitch

Assistent Director Bradley Halpern

Sound Designer Jason Goldstein

Still Photographer Bradley Halpern

Product Assistants Ryan Alley and Scott Prywitch

Script Advisor Daniel Shar

Book Covers Designed by Lauren Rubin

Special Thanks Robbie Penzell, Jordan Rothstein, Matt Shepley

Music by SunMotel, Kevin MacLead, The Yearbooks, John Frischer, Alex Olson, The Squares

Special Thanks to Foam, Vintage Vinyl, The Blue Note, The Goldstein Family, The Prywitch Family, Scott Bates

Special Thanks to Ruth Randolph, Dr. Marylin Cohen, Carolina Astrain, Aaron Casias, John Pullega, Max Samis

Special Thanks to Lauren Yanow Sara McKee, Evan Cottrell, Jeanne Crane, Screen Actors Guild, Nicole Voss

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