Be The Shoe

I’m With Joy

Gilbert is a bit of a misfit. He's the odd non-hipster out at his job, his friends are self-absorbed, and his dating life is a string of awkward moments and sexual wreckage. That all turns around instantly when he meets Joy. But as they grow closer Gilbert begins to realize that something is wrong - and there may be more to his new girlfriend than it seems.



After Loss For Words the filmmakers spread across the country — New York, LA, Kansas City, Chicago, to take on new lives and new careers. The question was: where do we go from here?

Randy had a script in mind — an ambitious, layered story where every little thing mattered. He spent a year writing it, sending drafts back and forth, exploring different directions, and we tried to build a new team, based in New York, to pick up where we’d left off.

Jeremy Anderson and Danielle Peck read the script, and brought their broad skillsets to bare on the project, adding a professional polish to the look, feel, and sound. Leah Dowdy took control of planning, an impossible task of weaving the schedule through the cast and crews’s obligations. Jake Rubin and Grant Harris, both living in New York, returned to advise on the script and with casting. We held auditions for the first time ever, and quickly pegged Simon and Rosie the lead actors who could bring the story to life, along with the very funny Jim Anderson.

The movie premiered at the NewFilmmakers Showcase in New York to raving applause. But we’d written this movie for the web — to be watched on laptops, the way you’d catch a quick half-hour show on Netflix. It was both too long and too short for film festivals, which was fine with us. We brought it to people in their living rooms and social feeds, and as a result, it’s the most widely seen film we’ve made to date.


Written and directed by Randy Prywitch

Producers Danielle Peck and Jeremy Anderson

Executive Producer Jason Goldstein

Associate Producers Grant Harris and Jake Rubin

Production Manager Leah Dowdy

Simon Winheld as Gilbert

Rosie Sowa as Joy

Luke Mijatovic as Louis

Jim Anderson as Dr. Caruthers

Rebecca Rittenhouse as Beth

Summer Bills as Amanda

Manasa Vedula as Maggie

Leah Dowdy as Julie

Becca Gastfriend as Subway Girl

Max Schneller as Stranger with Mustache

Breedan Lowery as Subway Guy

Kyle Ayers, Sharone Havevy, Max Pava and Jake Rubin as Coworkers

Geneveive Meyers as Darcy

Shelley Molad as Miranda

Will Sevedge as The Other Guy

Jeremy Anderson, Tova Diamond, Anna Osterlind, Lee Scurry as Karaoke Extras

Vanessa Epstein, Matt Davis, Grant Harris, Mike Puckett, Mike Mushkin as Bar Extras

Nataysha Echevarria and Michelle Bocanegra as Exes

Directors of Photography Jeremy Anderson, Danielle Peck, Randy Prywitch

Colorist Josh Kanuck

Audio Mixer Janet Na

Edited by Randy Prywitch

Original Score by Dan Barton

Music by The Bye Byes, Nate Stein, Richard the Lionhearted, Root & Stem, Tom Sauk, and TV Girl

Equipment provided by Mathew Mills, Spacestation

Special Thanks to Laura Bariea, Tova Diamond, Paige Goodloe, Jill Harris, Julian Kim, Selena Lopez

Special Thanks to Bennan Lowery, Anna Moeslein, Mike Mushkin, Cassie Nemzoff, Brian Phares

Special Thanks to Tyrone Rhabb, Tommy Schultz, Lee Scurry, Patti Sullivan

Special Thanks to Book Court, The Estate, Moonshot Productions, Planet Rose, Skazzy's Cafe, Wyne-A-Bit

Special Thanks to Carly Duncan, Gilbert Ferebee,, Sara Meneely, Robbie Penzell, The Prywitch Family, Jason Ritter, Max Samis, Louis Santoro

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