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Salad Daze

Alex Kaufman just graduated, his girlfriend just dumped him, his grandfather just died, and he’s about to witness the breakdown of his dysfunctional family.

Hailed for its dark humor and raw integrity, Salad Daze is a serious comedy about loss, relationships, and other things that certainly aren’t funny.



Almost immediately after the American Gothic premiere, the actors were itching for the next project. Having tasted filmmaking, we only wanted more.

We knew we wanted to do something different: a comedy, with an emphasis on dialogue over flashy visual sequences, and Randy had always like the idea of trying a coming of age story. Salad Daze would be comedy about a dysfunctional family, grounded in a very personal story between a son and his father.

And we knew we wanted to take a step up from where we were. American Gothic was unabashedly amateurish — we were 19, after all. We still had very limited budgets, but the time to find clever solutions to our problems. Jason and Jake studied cameras to learn what made professional gear better, and bought prosumer equipment with those features. We recruited local bands to give us music in exchange for nothing except that we’d use it to make something cool.

We rented out the Missouri Theater in Columbia for the premiere, which helped us get the attention local press and sent the message: yes, we really do make movies, come see it, you won’t be disappointed.

Premiered at Missouri Theatre in Columbia

Screened at Parkway Central Theater in Chesterfield

Official selection St. Louis Filmmaker Showcase


Written and Directed by Randy Prywitch

Executive Producer Jason Goldstein

Produced by Jake Rubin and Randy Prywitch

Jake Rubin as Alex Kaufman

Warren Jacobs as Gareth

Ryan Alleys as Marcus

Grant Harris as Mitch

Dylan Wells as Scotty Fresh

April Diaz de Leon as Nina

Scott Bates as Michael Kaufman

Emily Bates as Meg Kaufman

Peter Jacques as Shane Weaton

Mista Volz as Courtney

Randy Prywitch as Neville Price

David Rosenfeld as Justin Kaufman

Jamie Anderson as Alyssa

Staphanie Sanders as Amy Edelman

Gary C. Warren as Uncle Donnie

Kate Pfizenmaier as Carol

Libby Burkhardt as Allison

Rachel Flanigan as Katie

Courtney Pott as Sarah

Connor Chase as Alon Gilboa

Jeanne Crane as Aunt Lily

Rick Prywitch as Funeral Caller

Audrey Prywitch as Lawyer Caller

Marvin Prywitch as Rabbi Horace

Associate Producers Jordan Rothstein and Lauren Rubin

Assistent Directory Bradley Halpern

Technical Supervisor Adam Sachs

Art Director Lauren Rubin

Production Assistant Sarah Peteroff

Production Crew Alon Gilboa, Max Samis, Ben Less, Aaron Manewith, Ryan Alley

Special Thanks to Max Samis, Brian Schlansky, Spencer Waddell

Edited by Randy Pywitch

Music Associates Andrew Zvibleman, Joseph Reddy, Emmett Straus, John Frischer

Director of Photography Randy Prywitch

Edited by Randy Prywitch

Music by The Squares, Moving Matter, Ben Fichman, The Stingrays, Code, South Jordan, Providence, Stephen Chaitman

Special Thanks to Jeanne Crane, Nicole Voss, Parkway Central High School, Dennis and Elizabeth Harris, Ruth Randolph, Dr. Marylin Cohen, the Prywitch Family, the Goldstein Family, Norman Rubin, Bradley Halpern, Scott Pages, Gary C. Warren, Todd Sklar, Amy Bates, Kathy Petroff

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